Some things people ask us.


what is kombucha?

Please read our what is Kombucha page.

what is a scoby?

A Scoby is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It appears mushroom like and sits atop of the tea during fermentation. It is what creates the delicious and unique flavour of your Kombucha, and a bi-product of fermentation. 

What is your process of making Kombucha?

We are very traditional and natural. We use the ancient two step fermentation process. Essentially we make sweet tea using our own secret ratios. Following that we will add Kombucha culture and let ferment for 6-10 days. This is what we found works best. Lastly we add flavourings and bottle.

How should i drink kombucha?

Kombucha is a beverage that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, With a meal, or instead of sugary soda. Many people like to drink Kombucha as a daily supplement first thing in the morning, this is because of the naturally occurring probiotics that will help you start your day right and bubbly!

How often should i drink Kombucha?

You are welcome to drink Kombucha everyday. We do! However at first start slowly and let your body feel the benefits. As with anything don’t overdo it. 

Which flavour should i pick? do they have different functions?

They actually have similar health benefits. Just choose the flavour you like most - follow your heart, follow your gut!

Where can I find CHACHA Kombucha?

We are working everyday to bring CHACHA Kombucha to a convenient place close to you. Here is a list of retailers where you can find us:

If you would like to retail Kombucha please also do not hesitate to contact us :)

Is there alcohol in Kombucha?

Kombucha is a naturally fermented beverage and may contain trace amounts of alcohol, never more than 0.5%, but our Kombucha is usually in the range of 0-0.2%

Is there caffeine in Kombucha?

Yes there is caffeine in tea we use as in all tea. Tea though is very low in caffeine. We keep steep time when brewing to a minimum so as not to let high amounts of caffeine into your Kombucha. Furthermore the natural fermentation process reduces the amount of caffeine in tea.

is there sugar in kombucha?

All Kombucha is made with sugar, there is no other way to do it. During the process of fermentation the live cultures will use the sugar as fuel and convert it into a SCOBY (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Thus the final product is very low in sugar but maintains a sweet taste. We add additional sugar during the second fermentation to achieve carbonation and for optimum taste.

Is Kombucha Halal?

When we hear the word "fermented" we automatically turn the other way and assume it is not halal. However, with kombucha, the general consensus is that, YES, it is, halal. You can read more about this here. Fermentation is simply a natural biological reaction.  If you eat bananas then you should have no issue with drinking kombucha. A ripe banana has more naturally occurring alcohol than kombucha. 

The amount of alcohol in the final product is so low and insignificant that it would have no effect on the person drinking it. There is no added alcohol and only naturally occurring alcohol that is common in many fruits.

What are these bits in my drink?

Brown strands are yeast strands that are good for you! Sometimes you might find a clear slimy piece of SCOBY (Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) in your drink and they are safe to consume! As we do not pasteurise the Kombucha in order for maximum health benefits sometimes these situations occur.

My Kombucha isn’t that bubbly :(

We use the traditional two step fermentation process to achieve natural carbonation. However in some flavours there is less sugar because not as much juice is added. We supplement this with additional organic raw cane sugar to aid carbonation. Additionally every Kombucha brew is unique and some might be less carbonated than others. We do absolutely everything we can on out end to ensure that your drink comes out bubbly. However if you are not happy, or find that the drink is completely flat please do not hesitate to contact us and refer the batch number. We will get back to you.

What are the benefits of Kombucha?

Kombucha is a food, not a drug or a supplement. So it’s best to look at kombucha like you look at a bag of carrots–delicious, natural, and make you feel good. Of course, kombucha, like all fermented foods, naturally contain probiotics and healthy organic acids–and the science is strong around their benefit to our digestion and our bodies. In the end, try it and see how it makes YOU feel. That’s your best indication for what it’s benefit will be, beyond great taste!

How long does Kombucha last?

Kombucha can actually last forever. However the longer you keep it the more vinegary it becomes as it continues to ferment. This is why we insist that you keep it refrigerated. We refrigerate it just at the right time for the best taste. To ensure the best taste we play it safe with an 8week use by date after the product has been bottled. We also highly recommend to consume it in this time frame.

Does Kombucha have vinegar in it?

Real kombucha should not have any vinegar in it as an ingredient, although many mass-produced brands have opted to hasten their process by adding it as a filler. However, kombucha DOES end up having vinegar (acetic acid) and other types of acids (malic, tartaric, gluconic/glucoronic) in it because that’s what develops in fermentation: the SCOBY (the culture of probiotics in kombucha) eats the sugars and makes them healthy organic acids.

Can pregnant woman drink Kombucha?

We know that is is safe to do so. Though we are adamant that you always consult your doctor/physician before doing so. We have heard many testimonials that is has been highly beneficial to drink Kombucha when pregnant.

Can children drink Kombucha?

Kids can be picky, of course, so sometimes it is just that weird drink with the funny name. ... As offering fermented foods and probiotics to children becomes more common, there is no obvious reason why kombucha cannot be a part of that movement, consumed in sensible amounts of course. As always if you are unsure consult your doctor/physician.

Do you do delivery?

We are working on a service to deliver directly to your doorstop through an online store! Coming soon.