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your go-to Kombucha, brewed and bottled in Malaysia.

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The Healthy handcrafted Drink.

bubbly, tart, and slightly sweet.

CHACHA Kombucha is the ultimate beverage of choice. Refreshing, Tasty, Good for your gut and Immune system. We take pride in brewing using only the highest quality Organic ingredients. we see the importance of taste as a priority. only the real and best will be in your bottle of CHACHA. We use a variety of teas, cold-pressed juices and herbs, to create delicious Kombucha blends.


The CHACHA difference.

Just like us people, no two Kombuchaโ€™s are identical. However we maintain high quality control standards to ensure every bottle is impeccable. Everything we do is natural.

Handcrafted, in small batches to ensure quality and nothing beneficial is lost. All kombucha is made using water, sugar, tea and a SCOBY. but CHACHA is always free of preservatives, artificial flavours and fake fermenting agents. we only use premium ingredients for maximum health.